Christmas Ideas!

Christmas Favorites!


Christmas bow
Felt Holiday Tree $45 with swans $15 ea.
Holly $565

St. Nick $375
Terry Antolick
Kris Kringle $375
Alice and Bunny
Alice and Bunny

Charley Bears
R J Wright Jingles
Christmas Kitten
Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls


 Christmas Mouse


R J Wright - Little Prince
Little Prince $725
R J Wright Christmas Tree Fairy
Christmas Tree Fairy
11" $725
Sjamme and Sjoerd
by Zwergnase Bears
Nancy Latham
Girl with red bow
12" $650

by Nancy Latham
by Lulu Tatum
Ornaments by Deb Thibault $45 each
Thibault globe orn $45

Thibault globe clip $45

Thibault Hunter orna  $45

Effanbee Stamp Girl and Emmit the Clown $16 ea

McAslan Fairy $200

felt mice $15 ea

Santa on Sled

Wee Forrest Folk (large selection)


Art Rogers (10" and 12")
Cell phone holder $45

RJ Wright Fairy

Hand painted orn $15/box
Effanbee ornaments $15/box

Thibault Christmas

Effanbee orna $16
Deb Canham Santa $60

holiday sequented ties $20/ea

ood BJD/couch $375
23" Vinyl
P. Parkins
China Cupboard
China Cupboard

6" assorted fairies $25 ea
Zwergnase Holiday pieces

 wood smokers

Nickolaus $170

Ole-Ella $180

Waldemar $170
Aloisius 11" $495

Criseldi $298

Zwisbl with Snowman $400
Zwergnase ornaments
(made in Germany)

$175 pair

Gold 8" $125 Glitter

Silver 8" $99
Silver/green $99
Availability: Diane's Doll Shoppe is very pleased to offer several artists who make full-sized babies. Please check with me to see if the baby you like is still available. These dolls are selling out very quickly and can change daily

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