The Tonner Company we knew and loved is no more.
 It will continue to produce only the licensed dolls for a while, but there will be no more Tyler Wentworth, DeAnna Denton, Marley or any other fashion dolls.


Precarious (new)    

Precious Metal $190

Up All Night $225

Fierce $200

Wildbird $190

Scandal $200


Decadence $90 (outfit only)

Anything Goes $100 (outfit only)


Dramatic $225 (one left)

Delight $190

Chilled $180
Antoinette outfits    

Sparkling OUTFIT $100

Winterbery  OUTFIT $100

Fanciful OUTFIT $150
Cami & Jon    

All Star Liu Liu Basic $125

All Star Cami Basic 125

All Star Jon Basic

Summer Swing $170 (one left)

Perf morning Brunette $120

Perf morning Redhead $120

Perfect morning Jon $120

Perfect morning Cami Basic $120


Central Park $95

Washington Square $95

Chelsea Look $95


New York Night $16


Skyline $190

All Business $190 (one left)

Cami & Jon Outfits    

City Nights Outfit only $90

New York Jet (Outfit only $125)

A Day Away outfit $100
Tylers and others

Definitely Downtown $180

Freedom For Fashion Aiko Zen $110 available

All Drama Sydney Chase $225

Midnight Tango Skirt
Midnight Tango Skirt $50

Midnight - Theatre de la Mode $200


Classic Elegance Tyler $200

All Glamour Tyler $120

All Glamour Sydney $120

Ms. Beetlejuice $250
So Sleek Sydnes
So Sleek Sydnes $220


The Cats Hat $190
Sam I am $190

Girl Friday outfit $100
Monica Merrill

Gone with Wind    

Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, $180King also available $180

Scarlets Wedding Day $260

Portrait Glamou $180

Freedom for Fashion


Akemi $210


Aiko Zen (outfit




Retired Tonner Dolls (available)    

Tres Chic Charlotte
Tres Chic Charlotte $125


Please click on the image to see a larger version.
Anniversary Gala $175

Pulp Fiction $170

Opera Gala $125

Please click on the image to see a larger version.
Signature Style $150

Ice Blue $145



Please click on the image to see a larger version.
Mosaic Modern Sydney $150
Belladona $175
Firebird $160
Brenda Starr



Brenda Starr - Stepping Out $180

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Diane's Doll Shoppe is a Premier Dealer for Robert Tonner Dolls.






Availability: Diane's Doll Shoppe offers the full line of Robert Tonner Dolls for 2004. Diane is a "Premier Dealer" of Robert Tonner dolls. Also available from previous years: , Opera Gala,  Cover Girl Esm    

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