The Tonner Company we knew and loved is no more.
 It will continue to produce only the licensed dolls for a while, but there will be no more Tyler Wentworth, DeAnna Denton, Marley or any other fashion dolls.  

Outfits by Tonner

Outfits available:

A Day Away $100
City Nights $90
Collection Premier $90
Chelsea Look $90
Decadence $90

FreedFor Fashion Aiko Z$125
Washington Sq $90
Central Park $90



Frosty Touch $110
Fanciful  $155
Girl Friday  $110
NY Jet $125
On the Rocks  $95
Purple Haze $90
Publicity Shoot $90
Sparkling $100
Violet Femme $100




Frosty Touch $110

 Publicity Shoot $90 - Joan Crawford series

Frosty Touch $110

Dream Girls Solo Effie



City Nights - Cami

Girl Friday (Monica Merrill) $110

Violet Femme from Jeremy Voss Collection $100

Outfits for 13" dolls  
Velvet Dazzle $90



All Separates for 16" doll    

frayed jacket $50

Frayed skirt $40,chelsea jacket$60

Ruffled top $45,  Rufflledt coat$50

Denim bustier 30. Ruffled skirt 60

lace blouse 40, impressionist sweater 40

Downtown jacket 50, Love Jacket 55

Evening skirt 60

Uptown dress $60

Soho dress $70

Separates, After Dinner  Jacket $55 & Mezzanine pants (beaded) $65

Party Buble Skirt, $45 Mezz Top$55

Center stage bustier $55
also in black $55

Collection Premier $90

Floral Intarizio Sweater $35


Coral wrap sweater $35& Sweater  $20

Sorority Short sleeve & Sorority Sweater $20 & $25


Persimmon Flirt Skirt $38

Checkered wool coat $50

Little sweater dress     lilac beaded sweater $20(also in coral)

City Skip $40







Availability: Here you will find Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth Outfits. Some outfits from previous years are still available. Contact me to find out if I've still got it!  

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