The Tonner Company we knew and loved is no more.
 It will continue to produce only the licensed dolls for a while, but there will be no more Tyler Wentworth, DeAnna Denton, Marley or any other fashion dolls.  



 Freedom For Fashion
Tyler Wentworth. Joan Crawford,  Anne Harper, Carrol Barrie Collection


Outfits for 16" Tonne
 Brenda Star,

Monica Merrill
 Wizard of Oz &




Action Figures

Hunger Games

Sinister Circus


Pirates of the Caribbean

Torchwood & Dr. Who


22" American Models /outfits


De Ja Vu

Gone with Wind

DeAnna Denton/ outfits

Tiny Kitty Collier Collection


PATSY - 10"

Betsy McCall Collection

es Agnes Dreary

Retired  Porcelains





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