Debbee Thibault's Collectibles


Spirit of Jack $290


Pumkin in boot 270


2 heart necklaces, 1 santa
1 angel doll

Silly Kitty Cat $340 8.75"

Halloweensy 3.25"

Little Jack Sprat $150 5.5"

Peekaboo $340  10.5"

Little Bathing Beauty $325 7.5"

The Neighbors Snowman sold

My Little Pumpkin 5.5"

The Raggedy Anne each

A Days Dream (boat) $450

Summer Magic $450

The Keeper of Christmas Ornaments  $440

A Fuzzy Floppy Friend $

The Keeper of Childs Play $345


Sugar Eggs Large 


Poor Pitiful Pearl Christmas

Pitiful Pearl with doll

Also Available
Angel of Christmas Joy 

Santa Rides a Lamb
The Ornament Lady
Pittiful Pearl Halloweem
Ornament Fellow
Toy Room Fund


Mr. Calkins Homemade Pig
Dog Gone Dog
Whistling Pete
Raggedy Rabit Ride
A Little Firecracker
The wise cracker
Princess Make Believe
Baby Bunny Ball
Roly Poly Bunny Boy 

Grandma's Little Angel $275
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Bunny Clown $160, Steven$ , Bunny Brings Gifts 

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Bunny Foo Foo $165,A Cute Chick, Twin Bunny Rabit $95





Halloween Pieces
Cats Meow sold, Pirate girl sold, and cat on moon sold

Easter Pieces Bunny with 2 bunnies, 3 eggs

More Easter pieces


Call for pricing


Broken Souls


Availability: Diane's Doll Shoppe is pleased to offer these Zapf dolls!

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